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    If you slouch while sitting Posture Perfect is the perfect solution for you and it's totally free.

    Reduce back pain and muscle strain using a simple and free app for your Android phone.

    It's as simple as:

    1) Tapping the "Start Monitoring" button
    2) Putting the phone in your pocket (make sure the phone screen is facing OUTWARD)
    3) Then getting alerted when you're slouching

    In a sitting position Posture Perfect uses the accelerometer to detect when you're slouching and alerts you with either a vibration or a gentle alert tone. Sit up straight again and hear a reset tone.

    Includes 3 preset modes for different levels of movement while sitting, or you can customize the settings yourself.

    Walking is not supported in the free version.

    You can change the following settings:

    • Amount of slouching which triggers an alert
    • Number of times alert is made once you start slouching
    • How many times to repeat alert
    • Vibrate or play tone for alert (or both)
    • The sensitivity of slouching detection

    PLEASE NOTE: This free version only works in a sitting position. It will not function if you are walking or running.

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