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    PreventRELAPSE is a brain-based interactive app that gives you the power to master your alcohol and substance cravings in real time

    · PreventRELAPSE's underlying principles are based on 15 years of Mind-Body Medicine research and development (3 medical journal publications)

    · Activates a special, vibratory neurological pathway that automatically shifts the brain into an optimal state for managing cravings which lead to relapse

    · Unique, patent pending design, builds up your power to master your most intense cravings

    · In only a few minutes a day, you too can achieve long lasting results

    · No pills, no hypnosis, and no side effects

    How the app works and what it does-
    The PreventRELAPSE app initially takes about 5 minutes to use, and increases an individual’s capacity to deal with addictive cravings. When the individual experiences addictive cravings, launching the app causes a 1-minute vibration which activates a special vibratory neurological pathway that immediately shifts the brain into a more balanced, functional mode. The individual’s craving immediately diminishes, and then he or she uses the app’s powerful practices to prevent a relapse.

    It also has a daily random reminder feature which helps users integrate the practices into their daily life to solidify relapse prevention.