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    In you can read a sentence that abolishes all known earlier (Eysenck, Wechsler, Raven, Amthauer ...) personal IQ tests: "there is coordination between our state of arousal and our mental state". IQ constantly changes.

    To understand the meaning for testing, let’s take an example - a car with its variable speed. The speedometer shows every time a new value. But many illusionists want to convince gullible public that the arrows are motionless. In their view, one snapshot of the speedometer at an arbitrary time proves the constancy of the speed.

    Analogously, a single IQ snapshot is meaningless. It's impossible get from it average or maximum IQ of a person. Conclusion: The one-time IQ tests are useless for measuring intelligence.

    It is easy to see, there is only one way to do an IQ test reusable - to generate randomly its tasks.

    The famous Color Lines game randomly generates tasks, but isn't fit for measurements of intelligence due to fact that the average complexity of the tasks changes (less at the beginning of the game, more when the field is filled by the balls). In the proposed test, the average complexity of the tasks is constant.
    The other features of the test are:
    - potentially unlimited accuracy of assessment of intelligence;
    - measures the super-intelligence (so far for its assessment were used special tasks for a minuscule sample of the population that led to invalidations of the determination IQ). In proposed test all tasks are extremely complicated but everyone is capable to solve them (with varying degrees of success);
    - unlike disposable IQ tests, the test will assess your mental level as much times as desired;
    - the test is free of charge and without ads.

    You have a real chance to prove you are the smartest user of Android. To do this, at the end of the test (with default settings) just save your result and email in the Internet. The result will be visible here after a few hours and sometimes a confirmation.

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