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    The raw food diet is one of the hottest diet sensations of our times.

    Popularized by Hollywood stars who have used it to lose weight and regain their youthful looks and energy, it is said to affect the whole of our being, mind and spirit as well as body, with a feel good factor like no other diet.
    Plus it is hard to overeat on this diet so weight loss is almost automatic.
    But eating 100% raw food is not easy!

    The solution: Raw Food Diet Handbook

    Cooking food can take out all the important enzymes and nutrients that our bodies need, which in all reality, does make a lot of sense, since the foods are all natural this way. Cooking food only adds more negative results, like adding fats and carbohydrates that are not necessarily good-especially for your heart.

    Keep in mind this does not include raw meat, since obviously, there are huge health risks when eating undercooked or raw meats. Meats are not a part of the raw food diet; though there are meat substitutes that you may want to consider like tofu and vegetarian burgers. These are known to taste, feel, and smell like actual meat products.

    You may be asking what the raw diet can actually do for you besides potentially quicken weight loss. Here's a short list:

    * When you consume a healthy diet such as this, you may begin to see a boost in your energy level. Who needs coffee, when you have a healthier alternative to give you added energy for the day?

    * Your skin will appear healthier, since you are not ingesting unhealthy foods which only cause your skin to break out or even appear dull with no apparent glow.

    * Eating healthier provides greater benefits for your heart, which can reduce your chances of acquiring heart disease.

    Download Raw Food Diet Handbook app and read more about raw food diet.

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