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    New hot guide with lots of fun game to relax + Update layout to make all pages transition smoother than ever

    Premium Bonus - Healing Techniques

    Health for most individuals nowadays is more a question of what physical issue you don’t have than really being ‘completely’ healthy. But true health is now more and more being considered to be much more than simply having physical health.

    Essentially, it means having a balanced, natural life – or what may be called an organic life, where physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health facets are of the essence in maintaining the individuals overall health and wellbeing.

    In this bonus , we will not only cover Reiki but also other healing techniques

    Special bonus list:

    Healing factors
    Inspiration DNA: Healing Factor
    Insight To Fresh Healing Alternatives

    Things you need to know when learning about Reiki

    Reiki's Negative Side

    Solving Problems The Reiki Way

    Using Reiki Effectively

    What To Look For When Choosing Reiki

    The Pitfalls Of Not Using Reiki

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    Learn the Secrets of an Ancient, Proven Tradition... You Can Harness The Power Of A Healing, Liberating, Universal Life Force!
    Transform Your Life And Maximize Your Well-Being With Reiki!
    Nearly 100 years ago, a child who would later become a monk, Mikao Usui, was born in Japan.
    Usui would grow up to pursue the art of Reiki, a method of harnessing the universal life force that runs through all of us. He studied the ancient traditions, unlocking a powerful lost secret that has been transforming lives ever since.
    Slowly, but surely, word of Reiki and its potential has moved beyond Japan's Buddhist temples throughout the world. Today, its secrets are readily available to you.
    And you should learn them. Why*
    Because Reiki is a fundamentally life-changing practice. It's nothing less than transformative.
    Reiki is based on an understanding of the universe's powerful, universal life force. It harnesses and directs the power of ki to create healing, peace and understanding. It imbues its practitioners--and those who benefit from them--with true alignment and it unlocks their human potential.
    Reiki is powerful. Unbelievably powerful. It's easy to see why it might sound magical to someone who isn't familiar with its foundations and underpinnings, but it isn't. Reiki is based firmly in reality.
    "Reiki: Healing and Practices" is a comprehensive guide of Reiki, its history, its underpinnings, its techniques and its uses.
    This isn't a simple how-to guide and it isn't a trivia text stuffed with unrelated random facts. This APP is an in-depth examination of this amazing, scientifically sound, method of individual transformation and healing. Click INSTALL to Download it Now!

    This app includes this very interesting topics:

    * Reiki History, Principles & Symbols
    * Top 10 Benefits Of Reiki Massage
    * Types of Reiki
    * How to Perform a Reiki Energy Style Healing Session
    * Reiki, Physics and Quantum Mechanics
    * Solutions to Improve Your Reiki Practice
    * 5 Ways To Help Yourself With The Reiki Power Symbol
    * Can I Learn Reiki Myself
    * Doing meditation the Reiki way
    * Reiki Hand Positions
    * The many advantages of Reiki.
    * The various forms of Reiki practiced available in the world.
    * What is the most preferrable reiki massage
    * The scientific evidence and research in quantum mechanics explaining Reiki's power.
    * The best techniques to self-administer Reiki Treatment.
    * 5 ways one provides Reiki to another.
    * Reiki Course and Reiki Training Available To Learn Reiki Therapy
    * The Healing Spirit - Reiki
    * Have you try Brainwave Method
    * Get to play puzzle with famous author of Reiki Diane Stein and people performing Reiki Massage.
    and much, Much More!

    Enjoy the app and learn more about Reiki Healing - Reiki Massage after reading all the tips and watching the videos. There are a lot of free apps inside. Check it out now while it is still FREE!

    To your healthy life

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