Relax - Breathing Exercise

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    Relax - Breathing Exercise

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    When anxiety or stress begin to rise, wouldn't it be amazing to be able to relax yourself deliberately every time? Just imagine how confidently you could approach difficult situations if you knew you could use a failsafe breathing exercise to calm down quickly.

    Reliable relaxation

    The 7-11 breathing exercise works along a simply yet powerful principle. When your anxiety levels rise, your body experiences a cascade of changes. The very first is your breathing pattern. Basically, your body begins to take in more oxygen in case it has to fight or run away.

    With the 7-11 breathing exercise you will reverse this process, returning your body and mind to a calm and relaxed state astonishingly quickly. And the more you practice it by listening to this mp3 hypnosis session, the quicker you will be able to relax.

    Whether you currently experience more anxiety, stress or panic than you want or you simply want a tool to relax at will, you will find the 7-11 breathing exercise highly effective. You can use it to fall asleep at night, to get more focus when you are working, or as 'first aid' in a stressful situation for example, to stop a panic attack in its tracks.

    Once you have been using 7-11 breathing for a while you will react to stress by instinctively doing your 'relaxation breathing'. And then you'll find you just don't get as stressed any more.

    Download the 7-11 Breathing Exercise hypnosis download now and enjoy being a more relaxed person.