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    Relaxus is a wonderful collection of Sounds of Nature and Melodic Tunes to help you relax at your desired setting.

    From immemorial times, we recognized the therapeutic effect of natural sounds. It started out in the form of ocean waves, leaves in the wind, the mountain spring, rain drops on the roof… These beautiful sounds provide the most ideal way to relieve stress and bring about a restful sleep.

    Then we have meditative tunes. The melodies lead you beyond the sphere of your daily life to the path of interior blooming. With relaxation and meditation, you feel your inspiration and dreams soar with the music.

    Our Sounds of Nature Collection in Full Version includes the following tunes:
    - A Stroll Along the Creek: A quiet and relaxing journey that starts with songs of cicadas. The sounds then bring you to a running creek, where you find yourself enjoy the birds singing and a more relaxed inner self.
    - Sunny Beach: Standing at the shores of a sunny beach, where waves come to cherish your feet when a soft breeze rises, you close your eyes and listen to the ocean waves.
    - A Nap in the Garden: Surrounded by green grasses, beautiful flowers, and birds singing around you, this enchanting track of nature sounds bring you to a relaxing nap in the garden on a sunny, calm day.
    - Waterfall: The sounds of waterfall, birds and wind bring you to a deep meditation. Listen to this track as you fall asleep and experience beautiful and inspired dreams.
    - Summer Night: Crickets singing and frogs calling, this is a typical summer night with breezes and a short period of rain drops on the roof. This gentle and peaceful track of nature sounds brings you a deep sleep and sweet dreams.

    Our Melodic Tunes Collection in Full Version includes the following tunes:
    - East Meditation: Gentle and relaxing sonorities bring you to a level of conscience and intense awakening.
    - Buddha Eyes: A very relaxing track that brings you infinite sweetness, supported by the enchanting sounds of a Tibetan bowl and a set of smooth string music.
    - Indian Peace: The clear sound of meditation tunes interacts with delicate twinkling of sitar. A deep mantra made of voices and horns lead to gentle flute melodies.
    - Blue Lotus: Discover this relaxation track of meditation tunes inspired by the beauty of Lotus flower, flow of water and ambient sounds.

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