Relay Team Tracker Great River

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    If you are running the Ragnar Relay Great River 2013, this app is for you!

    *Note: This is not an official Ragnar Relay app

    Relay Team Tracker is an app made by a runner for runners!

    As your team runs the Ragnar Relay race, use Relay Team Tracker to estimate when runner exchanges will occur. Relay Team Tracker automatically passes that data onto your friends' devices so they can track your progress in your team's other van, or from elsewhere. Relay Team Tracker is also packed with other useful features.

    Features include:
    - Synchronize status between devices. Ideally at least one person in each of your vans should have this app. Using your Google Drive, the app saves a very small data file that is shared (with your permission) to other app users on your team. Your data is always secure and is available only to those with whom you choose to share it.

    - Find the next exchange with the touch of a button. It brings up your default map and navigation app at the next exchange location, so you can quickly get directions or navigate to the exchange.

    - Know when to expect your runners at the exchange. Based on each runner’s estimated pace, Relay Team Tracker gives you an estimated arrival time (and time remaining) for your runner to make it to the next exchange. It also gives an estimate of the runner’s distance into their leg to help you find them en- route.

    - Know when to expect your team to cross the finish line. Relay Team Tracker estimates your finish time based on the team’s current progress and estimated paces already entered.

    - Undo. If you accidentally indicate a runner exchange, there is an easy undo button. If you missed an exchange, just indicate an exchange anyways, and then edit the exchange time.

    - View history and statistics. Compare actual vs estimated exchange times and runner paces, during and after the race.

    - Edit each runner’s name and pace. The pace entered is used for calculating all estimates. You can even edit a runner’s pace during the race if they are running faster (or slower) than expected.

    - Share. Quickly share via your favorite apps when exchanges occur, including Facebook. With the touch of a button, you can choose to share via your favorite android app what time the latest exchange occurred, who is currently running, and which runner arrived.

    - This app requires permissions to read your contact list. The sole purpose is to allow you to quickly give permission to and share your data with a friend in your contacts. Your contacts are not used in any other way and will remain private to you.

    - This app requires permissions to access the internet and use your data connection. One of the primary features of this app is to synchronize your team status with teammates who also have this app. This can only be reasonably accomplished using your data connection.

    - This app requires permissions to access the accounts on your device. This permission is so you can tell us which Google Drive account to use for synchronizing your team’s data with other devices.

    Give me some feedback! I sincerely appreciate constructive criticism, feature requests, and a pat on the back once in awhile. If you are having a problem or need to communicate with me for some reason, please email me at:

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