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    Rep Max Calculator is the quickest and easiest way to determine an RM in the 1-12 range based off of existing stats. Simply tap the RM number you know your weight for, input your numbers, and all other RMs will be calculated instantly. The application includes all of the popular RM equations, as well as a handy averaging function for all of them.

    Rep Max Calculator also includes a handy lb./kg. converter. Simply type a number and it will convert that number to both pounds and kilograms.

    For developers, the application also contains an exported Activity, so if you're building a fitness/weightlifting app you can get user information quickly and easily. Check the about page for the developer playground and more information.

    * Select and combine a number of different RM formulas
    * Long press on values to copy them to the clipboard
    * Paste from the clipboard using the icon in the Action Bar

    Feedback is always appreciated!

    Rep Max Calculator is a fully open source app. More information is available here:

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