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    Route Runner is the perfect running application for everybody! It doesn't matter if you
    are a beginner or an advanced runner. Route Runner makes running even more interesting for you!

    Being somewhere and you don’t know where to run to get a route with a specific length? Going in another country where you want to run a previously created route, but you won’t remember every checkpoint? Are you new into running and you want to start it easy and continuously increase your running experience? Are you an advanced runner looking for challenges?
    Route Runner is the solution!

    Create your route!
    The main feature of Route Runner is to create your own route or let the application create one. Just drag & drop the start, finish and up to eight checkpoints on the map to create your custom route. Tell the application that you want to run about 5km and Route Runner calculates a random route for you. Adapt the random generated route later on, if you are not happy enough with it!

    Start your run!
    Start a run anytime and track yourself. If you have previously created a route, the app can tell you where to run (e.g. Turn right on..) ! While running Route Runner tells you your current statistics. Afterwards you can always share your workout.

    Share your workout or route!
    If you want to share your workout or route you can simply do that with every application installed on your smartphone that supports sharing. Whilst a lot of other applications require Facebook, Twitter, .. permissions, Route Runner won’t ask you for anything like this!

    Motivate yourself! Try to run faster or even further! Increase your running experience by achieving simple tasks.

    * Quick run
    * Custom route
    * Random route
    * Save/Load routes
    * List your workouts
    * Share workouts
    * Easy to learn!
    * For beginners and advanced runners

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