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    1. The Run & Walk Power Pedometer is dedicated to providing accurate power, energy, and % grade measurements while including many other pedometer functions such as elevation, speed, cadence (see below notes), mapping, logging, and charting. The app is also compatible with the Zephyr Bluetooth HxM Heart Rate Monitor to integrate everything into one package. No monthly subscription fee required. Try the app with no risk: we will provide support to help get the app to run on your device or a refund will be issued.

    2. The best available smartphone resources (GPS, accelerometers, multiple internet services, etc.) are used to achieve the highest accuracy in this state of the art pedometer. Files are compatible with the Bicycle Power Meter App. Currently the app requires a GPS signal for proper function and calibration.

    3. Great companion to the Bicycle Power Meter App using a compatible file format.

    4. Routes are plotted or graphed in the app, in real time.

    5. The route path is continuously color scaled based on the users preference. One click changes to scale based on: power, speed, elevation, % grade, cadence or heart rate (with Bluetooth HRM) to map where on the ride significant events occurred.

    6. A screenshot of the statistical data with the color coded map along with the raw data files (.csv .gpx and .tcx formats) can be emailed quickly. .tcx format includes key parameters (speed, power, elevation, cadence, heart rate, etc.) to allow uploading to other systems such as Garmin Connect.

    7. Wind speed and direction effects are included! (with internet connection using local weather information, drafting effects not included).

    8. The app runs as a service, so it continues to run in the background if other apps are running or a phone call is received.

    12. English and Metric Units available. Select in user preferences screen.

    13. Saved track data is logged and can be reloaded to show progress and compare activities.

    See F.A.Q. at for more details.

    ***NOTE*** For a small number of phones when the screen is turned off, the phone's accelerometers are disabled and the cadence data may be unavailable. This limitation has been documented in a number of other pedometers.
    * The cadence sensitivity can be adjusted under menu>preferences. The default 'nominal' setting has so far produced the best sensitivity while minimizing spurious readings.
    * Cadence results may vary for some phone orientations and specific phone hardware.

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