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    Screen Security(Screen Lock)

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    When you lock the screen of your mobile phone, the screen is locked in a flash. At first it is brightness, but it becomes dark after a flash. This is not good to your eye.

    In addition, if you lock the screen through pressing the power key, it harms to the power key and it will use much electricity.

    Screen Security can help you solve these two problems. It can protect your eyes and you need not to press the power key. Do you want to know more about this lock?

    The main features of this screen lock:

    1. Screen Security is a free screen lock in the android market. It can help you save your money.

    2. Screen Security can lock the screen through one touch. You need not to press the power key anymore to lock the screen.

    3. After you touch its icon, after several seconds, the screen will be locked. This can protect your eyes.

    4. It allows you to choose its shortcut which may be the pictures in your mobile phone.

    5. It allows you to do some settings so that it can serve you better.

    A good screen lock should be simple and no harm to people. We found that the flash when you lock your screen is harmful to your eyes, so that we work to create this screen lock to protect your eyes. In addition, this lock is very brief and easy to master.

    The detailed information of this android screen lock:

    1. You have known that it is a free screen lock so that you will download it free.

    2. You can choose the shortcut icon from the default icons or you can choose from the images in your mobile phone. This will make this lock more personalized.

    3. After you touch the icon on the screen, the screen will show the seconds left. You will have enough time to move your eyes from the screen. Therefore, your eyes are protected. In addition, the delaying time can be set by you.

    4. The setting button can be shown on the screen or not. If you allow it appearing on the screen, you can enter this lock and do some settings conveniently.

    The above is the main features of this android screen lock. In fact, there are more functions or settings waiting for you. You can so more settings to make this lock suit you better.

    Screen Security is a phone lock for android mobile phone. I know that you can find a great number of screen locks on the internet, but you should choose this one. The reason is that others may be very convenient, but they may harm your eyes. This one can protect your eyes and the power key on your mobile phone. Therefore, this will be the best screen lock for you.

    Now you should download this screen lock and I believe that you will love it.

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