Self-Hypnosis for Meditation

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    Self-Hypnosis for Meditation's review

    Published: 2013-11-22, by Janel.

    Listen to the audio file and be lulled into a meditative state

    • "Background brainwave" option is trippy
    • Might work to help you relax
    • That there's only one audio file reduces replay value

    "Kick back and relax"

    IMOBLIFE Co. Ltd's Self-Hypnosis for Meditation is an audio file designed to help you hypnotize yourself into a relaxed mental state.

    Set the audio running and proceed to relax as a man's voice guides you through suggestions and imagery. You can configure a few aspects of the playback, selecting an amount of times to repeat or adding in a "background brainwave" (which is probably based on binaural beats).

    There's only one audio file included with this app; it could be more useful over time if there were more variety.

    IMOBLIFE Co. Ltd's Self-Hypnosis for Meditation is worth a try if you're looking to quiet your mind.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Nov 22, 2013


    Self-Hypnosis for Meditation

    Two professionally made self-hypnosis sound tracks are built in this application to help you achieve different states of meditation and relaxation. You can also choose to play the tracks with our hypnosis brainwave tune in the background for amazing effects.

    Quiet Mind Meditation
    Doing meditation is very important for people’s mind. It can help you keep quiet. If you are looking to develop a quiet, clear mind, then Quiet Mind Meditation may be what you're looking for. 
    Slowing down your mind by watching your thoughts but choosing not getting involved or attached to them is an important step in learning to be more fully present in each moment. The Quiet Mind Meditation is designed to help you to slow down and learn how to create a quiet mind. Suggestions and metaphors are used to help you (and your sub-consciousness) begin the practice of quieting your mind. Follow the instruction and exercise it step by step. You can achieve it.

    Rainforest Meditation
    Do you want to feel the fresh air and serene environment in rainforest? It must be very cool. But due to the busy life in modern times, it is hard to have such experience very often. Rainforest Meditation can take you deep into your own personal rainforest sanctuary where you can escape the stressful pace of everyday life and meditate peacefully to the sounds of the rainforest. 

    As you relax, you'll transport yourself to the front porch of your sanctuary where a gentle, soothing mist will seep through the screen windows.  A fractional relaxation sequence follows as the healing, rejuvenative mist penetrates your nerves and muscles and helps you to relax ever deeper. During the meditation portion of the session, you can either choose to meditate in a traditional way or choose to meditate upon healing by focusing the healing mist in an appropriate area.

    Just try to imagine you are immersed in rainforest, breathe deeply, and keep your mind clean.
    Beautifully designed user interface and animation
    Playback progress control
    Built-in volume control
    Background brainwave setting
    Playback repeat setting
    Screen auto-lock control
    This application is developed in collaboration with certified hypnotherapists and practitioners in the International Hypnotherapy Association. Our Brainwave and Hypnotherapy products have helped many thousands of people all over the world regain control over stress symptoms, addictions, and bad habitual behaviors.
    Please note this is not an alternative to medical treatment.

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