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    ■□■□ Summary of application ■□■□

    ‘Silk Road Walk’ is a game application that utilizes a pedometer.
    A character in the game proceeds down the Silk Road according to the distance which you walked in reality.

    The setting of the game is the Silk Road in 10th century.

    In the heyday of the Silk Road, various merchants from lands such as the Byzantine Empire, Abbasid Caliphate, ‘Sogd’ desert, small Arabian countries, China in the Tang era, etc. took trips on the Silk Road.

    Please become one of merchants in this era, take trips to make multiple deals and increase your assets and finish the trip of the Silk Road!


    You can choose the difficulty level in the game.

    There are 5 stages from the ‘challenge course’ to walk the same distance as the real Silk Road to a 1/40 scaled ‘simple course’.
    Please choose the difficulty level according to your walking pace.

    ■□■□ Assets ■□■□

    You can make a deal with Silk Road merchants and make an investment once a day.
    As the exchange rate fluctuates every day, watch the timing of buying and selling and increase your assets.

    ■□■□ MERCHANT RANKING ■□■□

    According to the asset amount and time of deals, your merchant ranking rises.
    There are 8 merchant ranks such as ‘Apprentice merchant' to ‘Emperor merchant’. As your ranking rises, the maximum number of possessed merchandise rises, and the success rate of investment will also increase.

    ■□■□ ENDING ■□■□

    When finishing the Silk Road travel, you can purchase the ending and privilege with money. As all of them are expensive, you must repeat deals over again and increase the amount of assets to buy them.
    When finishing the trip once, you can turn around in the reverse direction and continue travelling.

    ■□■□ MAP ■□■□

    You can check where in the Silk Road you are walking with an enlarged map and overall map.
    In the enlarged map, pieces such as ‘City’ and ‘Oasis’ are displayed. During your stay there, you can make a deal for merchandise that is more expensive than usual.


    Please note that the battery will consume more power as well as other pedometer applications.
    Also, the measurement will stop suddenly when you press the ‘HOME’ button or ‘POWER’ button and interrupt the application in some models. Please press the ‘HOME’button and check the machine before you start measuring. If your model is this type, please choose ‘Shutdown time’ > ‘No switching off’ mode or a longer shutdown time and start the measurement.
    If the pedometer sensitivity is poor, please adjust the sensitivity of the pedometer through the setup menu in the application.

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