Sixpack Abs in Six Weeks

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    Sixpack Abs in Six Weeks

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    Now many of you will know that last year we created the The 6WeekSix Pack Challenge. What started out as a small challenge for our fans to help them stay motivated and get ripped for summer soon became so popular that we ended up running the 6WeekSixPack Challenge for the rest of the year.
    By the end of 2012 we had over 50 000 people who took the challenge and got into the best shape of their lives.

    In a lot of people's eyes, a well-built six pack is a symbol of superior fitness levels, and it is the goal of many men and women. Under normal circumstances, it takes a lot of hard work and going the extra mile to make it happen. But when you want to accomplish this in 6 weeks, it involves even more work and discipline; however, it is not impossible--you just need to follow the right strategy to bring it to fruition.
    Step 1:
    Clean up the diet. In order to get a six pack, you must eliminate foods that are going to slow you down and add foods that are going to give you energy. Eliminate deep fried foods, processed foods, refined foods and foods that are high in saturated fats. Instead, eat foods that are nutrient-dense, high in fiber and low in fat. Some examples are lean meats, low fat dairy, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains.
    Step 2:
    Cut out the liquid calories. Calories in the form of liquid are still calories, and they can lead to weight gain. Eliminate highly sugared beverages like soda, sweetened treas, high-calorie coffee drinks and alcohol. Instead, choose water, as it is free of calories, hydrates the body and helps metabolize fat. According to the Mayo Clinic, women should consume 2.2 liters a day and men should consume 3 liters a day.
    Step 3:
    Work your abs. To create symmetry in your abs, focus on all the muscles of the core. Some examples of exercises include Swiss ball leg raises, jacknifes, Swiss ball side crunches, bicycle crunches, Swiss ball crunches and hanging leg raises. Perform 15 to 20 reps of each exercise, and do them all in a row with no rest. That is one circuit. Wait for 60 seconds, then do four to five more circuits with 60-second rest intervals after each one (see Resources).
    Step 4:
    Perform cardio. If you do not do some type of cardio to burn the fat on your stomach, then you will never see a six pack. Do cardio in the form of running, biking, stair stepping, swimming or rowing for 45 to 60 minutes three days a week on alternating days. Do this in an interval format. For example, after a 15-minute warm-up, alternate doing 15 30-second sprints with 60-second jogging intervals. Then finish with a 15-minute cool down.
    Step 5:
    Put it all together. Now that you have the ab exercises and cardio down, it's time to put it all together into a weekly format. Do cardio on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Do your ab exercises on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. On Sunday, go for a light jog or bike ride for a minimum of 30 minutes.
    Step 6:
    Get sufficient sleep. Being that this workout is intense, sleep is a very important aspect of the program. It is during sleep that the body releases hormones and goes into repair mode. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), adults should get seven to nine hours of sleep a night.

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