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    Published: 2013-11-19, by .

    Possibly the world’s most scientifically advanced sleep app

    • Deliciously science-y
    • Binaural beats lull you into restfulness
    • Revive alarm slowly wakes you up
    • Power nap feature optimizes short sleeps
    • In-app purchases required to access cooler features

    "Poppies, poppies will put them to sleep..."

    This sleep app is based on SCIENCE! Experts in Neuroscience, Sleep, Sound, and Music (all four at once? Überexperts!) helped NASA astronauts get to to sleep with the incredible findings powering the Sleep Genius: Revive Alarm app. Bedtime just got its own proprietary algorithms, yeah baby!!

    The app includes several space-age tools in order to help you get more restful, effective sleep. First are the sleep programs, which are full of textured binaural beats to help lull your brain into its most restful state. The revive alarm gradually awakens you using a five minute clip beginning with the lightest of bird tweets and progressing into louder piano arpeggios. The power nap feature is optimized for daily 30-minute use, supposedly increasing your alertness by up to 54%.

    I'm fascinated by sleep science, personally, and am definitely impressed with the revive alarm more than anything else. Big drawbacks for me with this app, though, are the in-app purchases - only one of the three sleep programs is free, and the power nap feature also bears a pricetag. Good sleep should be for everybody.

    Sleep Genius: Revive Alarm could be a top-notch sleep app if you're willing to shell out a few bucks to test out its more complex features.

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    Nov 19, 2013


    If you can’t sleep and are wondering how to fall asleep faster, stay asleep throughout the night, or get a better quality night’s sleep, search no further. Sleep Genius is known as “the world’s most scientifically advanced sleep app”.

    * As featured on the TODAY Show, CBS News, ESPN, and Fox News *

    Decades of sleep research have produced a sleep app that's better than white noise and other natural sleeping aids. The proprietary algorithms in Sleep Genius actually help your brain get ready for sleep, guide your brain through each stage in the sleep cycle, and wake you with a gentle, refreshing alarm. Perfect if you have anxiety or stress and struggle winding down before bed, can’t sleep, suffer from sleep deprivation, or just looking for a better quality sleep.

    * Developed by experts in Neuroscience, Sleep, Sound, and Music following our research helping NASA get astronauts to sleep *

    BENEFITS TO YOU: Enjoy the physical, emotional and mental benefits of a good night's sleep by letting our program help train your brain into its natural sleep rhythms. No more sleep deprivation. Learn how to solve your personal sleep issues from the Sleep Genius!

    WHAT THIS IS NOT: Not just another sleep app with static white noise or fake natural sleeping aids sounds that have ZERO effect on your brain's sleep centers. Nor is this just another sleep cycle or monitoring device that tells you how you slept…we actually HELP YOU SLEEP.


    "Finally, a scientific and neurologically sound sleep aid that is easy to use and all natural with no side effects"
    Kamran Fallahpour, Ph.D
    Clinical Psychologist/Neuroscientist
    Brain Resource Center, NY

    "Sleep is not simple unconsciousness. It is an extraordinarily complex and critical brain-controlled behavior that is harnessed by Sleep Genius"
    Seth Horowitz, Ph.D
    Neuroscientist and NASA Funded Sleep Researcher


    1. SLEEP PROGRAM: Choose from 3 different sleep programs to help you get the optimal night's sleep.

    2. ALARM: Sleep Genius gradually awakens you with a gentle 5 minute Revive Cycle scientifically created to help you wake to soothing sounds, welcoming you to a new day.

    3. POWER NAP: Scientifically created for optimal brain rejuvenation. A daily power nap for 30 minutes could improve your alertness by 54%.

    NOTE: One sleep program is provided for free and the other two require an in-app purchase. Power nap is an additional in-app purchase option.



    Best Health App of All Time ! *****
    Sleep Genius and Baby Genius are by far the best apps on any device! My whole family loves it. My two year old son finally sleeps in his bed, finally. Thank you Sleep Genius from my family to yours!

    Was able to go from 4 alarms to just this one. Much better sleep than thought possible. Takes a few times to get used to, but stick with it.

    Sleep like none other *****
    Using this app has brought me a new level of sleep to my life.

    Sleep Genius *****
    Thank you so much. I used to not be able to fall asleep at night, and I would rely heavily on Melatonin. Now, I sleep like a baby! You truly deserve all 5 stars!


    If you are having trouble installing or using the app, please contact us at and we can help. We’re known for great customer service!

    Say goodbye to sleepless nights and sleep deprivation. Let the World’s Most Scientific Sleep App teach YOU how to fall asleep fast.

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