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    Published: 2013-09-09, by Ana Gracia.

    Track your sleep patterns and wake you up when it's the right time

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    • It's not exact science, of course

    "Woken up at the right time"

    Light Sleep Alarm Clock is a complex clock that is created so as to monitor your sleep patterns and wake you up when being in a light sleep phase.

    As you might know, we pass through phases of light and deep sleep and even periods of awakening and rapid eye movement sleep. The exact moment when you wake up can affect your entire day (feeling groggy, for example). Light Sleep Alarm Clock will try to control your phases and wake you up in the last half hour before your alarm is set, whenever it's the right time.

    And how does it do that? By monitoring your sounds and movements during night. This app uses the microphone and you won't have to keep it under the pillow, just the bedside table.

    First of all, you'll need to calibrate the microphone and then you will be able to start using it. After waking up, remember to take a look at the data which shows your sleeping patterns.

    vanangelov is the developer of Light Sleep Alarm Clock, a useful and helpful app for those who have trouble waking up. Try it out and see if it works for you, remember it's not an exact science.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Sep 09, 2013


    Sleep Tracking Alarm Clock (previously known as Light Sleep Alarm Clock) is a smartphone app that will monitor your sleep patterns and will try to wake you up gently, while you are in a light sleep phase. And you do not have to keep the phone on your bed while sleeping, like with other similar sleep tracking apps.
    During the night we pass through multiple phases of light and deep sleep mixed with brief periods of awakening and REM sleep (the sleep stage when dreaming occurs). Those stages change at different points each night for different people. When you are woken up in the morning, it is best that this happens during a light sleep phase or when you are already almost awake. Being woken up from deep sleep is a stressful experience, which can explain why there are mornings when you feel especially sleepy and tired.
    This app tries to improve the quality of your sleep by monitoring your sounds and movements during the night and gently waking you up in the last half hour before the set alarm time - if it senses that you are in a light sleep phase or even awake for a short moment and not letting you get into deep sleep again just before the alarm rings. With this app most of the time you will be waking up during your optimal sleep phase, which will help you have pleasant mornings and feel refreshed.
    Unlike many similar sleep-tracking apps that use the accelerometer of your smartphone, with Sleep Tracking Alarm Clock you do not have to keep the phone on your bed or under your pillow while you are sleeping. Instead this sleep tracking app uses your phone’s microphone to monitor the smallest changes in the sound levels around it and tracks your sleep cycles this way. No more worrying if you will accidentally smash or drop your smartphone during sleep. Your phone should stay on your bedside table and not on your bed. Just start the app while you are charging your phone overnight somewhere close to your bed. The night display mode of the app is specially designed not to bother you with bright lights while you are sleeping and to save power on AMOLED displays. Inspired by the “quantified self” movement, this clock app will provide a lot of data about the quantity and the quality of your sleep. In the sleep summary dashboard you will see how much time you spent in bed and the actual duration of your sleep. Also a sleep efficiency percentage will be displayed as well as a graphical representation of your sleep patterns during the night, showing when and for how long you were awake or in a very light sleep phase. The ‘Sleep Log’ feature provides additional historical information for your sleep in the past days. This clock app also features desk dock integration that can start the alarm clock automatically when you put your phone on a dock for charging.

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