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    Recommended for people who struggle to sleep!

    You can practice these simple yoga poses in bed before bedtime.
    By falling asleep to yoga practice and meditation, the quality of your sleep will be much better.
    You also go to bed while meditating, the quality of your sleeping is much better even shorter sleeping time!
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    Recommended for people
    -Who wants to fall asleep relaxed
    -Who has accumulated fatigue and stress
    -Who has hard time falling asleep
    -Who needs quality sleep
    -Who wants to wake up rested
    -Who needs to have keener concentration and better creativity for their career
    -Who has insomnia
    -Who needs to have better balance for autonomic nervous system and be interested in meditation and mindfulness
    - Who is interested in BGM while sleeping


    One hour of yoga nidra can be the equivalent of four hours of regular sleep.
    The resorative effect is ultimate relaxation.

    In this app, the top instructor from studio yoggy guides you, set to healing music as if in our actual yoga studio.
    No complicated yoga poses; you can practice while you lie on your bed even if a beginner.

    Utilize to help you fall asleep or switch the mood, even if you didn't have enough time to rest it will give you refreshing effect.
    After doing this program, your body will be relaxed, mind clearer and calm, and your being reviatalized.

    Great for better concentration and creativity.

    Mindfulness meditation is highly regarded in top corporations and celebrities for boosting concentration.
    Mindfulness is being aware of the 'here and now' of certain parts of your body parts.
    By doing so, you will have better concentration, better balance in your autonomic nervous system, handle stress and in general be more relaxed.

    Sleepable Yoga is an app to practice mindfulness (meditation) for anyone.
    'Falling asleep' is one of the results of mindfulness(meditation) which relaxes your entire body.

    You can use this app to help you fall asleep, or gain the maximum effect of deep relaxation in a state of rest.

    Program (audio guidance)

    Introduction (23:15) free program
    First you create tension in your body to warm up, followed by deep relaxation.

    Nature's Grace(30:52) free program
    Settle your mental state with the sound of nature's elements to calm your mind and body.

    Chakra Meditation (48:51)
    Balance your mental state with a Chakra-related theme.

    Prana Relaxation (41:14)
    Condition your mind and body with Prana's vital energy.

    Healing Recovery (36:49)
    Recovering from fatigue and stress and boost your healing energy.

    * We recommend you to download audio contents in a dedicated Wi-Fi environment.


    What is Sleepable Yoga?
    (Fundamental Knowledge/Program Flow/What is Chakra?/What is Prana?)


    In association with 'Google Fit'
    When you accept 'Google Fit' data association, you can record your playing time in the 'meditation' category.
    This will allow you track your meditate records so that you can use for selfcare.

    Android TV
    Now you can use this app with Android TV.
    You can enjoy the image of the each program with the bigger screen. Besides using to fall asleep, you can enjoy these programs in the living room or shared space with your family and friends. Please enjoy the new way of creating 'Netamanma yoga (deep relaxation)' space.
    *Japanese only

    *For bug report or sending feedback: Top acreen 'Menu' - 'FAQ' - 'FAULT REPORT/FEEDBACK'

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