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    Eyesight recovery training and an eye test became feasible with this one application.
    The training of the eyes by the parallelism method and the intersection method is possible.

    I think that we can enjoy it from child to an adult because you take in not only a geometric image but also an animal or the plant to an image of the eyesight recovery training a lot and can train.

    Of course the person having a tablet, please enjoy the image of big size because it supports a tablet.

    As for the everyday training and eye test, a record is enabled.
    Because it is said that it leads to the first recovery every day to continue, please continue the training every day by all means even at short time because you are good.

    *Please read the following about the details of the application.

    Training method
    The training of the eyes by the parallelism method and the intersection method is possible.
    (1)What is flat way of ascetic practices?
    It is what I watch for an image to look at the distance to match the flat way of ascetic practices than an object to see the focus of eyes in the depths. Generally, it is the training method that is effective towards myopia.
    (2)What is the intersection method?
    Just before an object to consider to be the intersection method of eyes focus, and "have a slight crossed eyes of a bunraku puppet", method to watch. Generally, it is the training method that is effective towards hypermetropia, farsightedness.

    One judging from flat way of ascetic practices may be suitable for the beginner. When the both one that I can watch does it in turn, I untie muscle and am more effective.

    *Method for measurement
    It is said that it leads to the first recovery that the training continues every day. Because even short time is good, please continue it every day.
    At first, please start from flat way of ascetic practices to watch the distance approximately 30cm apart.
    When you can not see it, please tap a screen without seeing an image. A hint image is displayed.
    An everyday training record should be saved if I come to be able to see an image. A record is stored automatically if I push the start button when setting time passes.

    Eye test method
    (1)Eye test summary
    I adopt a Landolt ring index and a calculating formula in the measurement.
    Because I adjust it automatically to become the same size at all devices, the work measuring with a coin and a ruler is particularly unnecessary.
    The measurement distance adopts 50cm.
    With 50cm, length that an adult grows an elbow and has a smartphone is an aim.

    (2)Eye test method
    An eye test to 0.04~1.0 is possible now.
    Please push the "start" button if ready to separate 50cm from a device.
    Please push the button of an open direction.
    When you do not see it, please push the central "X" button.
    It is with the end with a clear, twice consecutively non-correct answer or "X" button in consecutive correct answers twice.
    After the test, record preservation is possible. When you want to record it, please push "right eye" "left eye" "both eyes" and the button of the content that you really measured.
    As for the record, the latest record comes to be stored once a day.

    Record indication
    We store the record of training and the eye test. When you want to delete the data, it is deletable by a push and hold.

    Share function
    If there are the image which you liked and an image wanting you to try a friend by all means, only an image can transmit a message even if not install application.
    You transmit a message by share application such as LINE,Twitter, and, please train although being a pleasure.

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