Smithson Clinic




    At the Smithson Clinic we believe a healthy vessel is key to personal transformation. Working with you to remove physical and emotional blocks, we hope to be instrumental in your personal growth and in paving the path to your highest good.

    Our Goals:

    1) To aid you in restoring vibrant health — body, mind and spirit.
    2) To shift the current paradigm of health care to a system that honors the wisdom of the body and treats the whole person.
    3) To offer safe and effective treatments for your physical, mental and spiritual health.

    What We Believe:

    1) There is infinite intelligence in every cell of your body.
    2) Your body has an innate ability to assess and heal itself.
    3) We are all doing the best we can with what we know. When we know better, we do better.

    What You'll Find in Our App:

    1) Directions, contact info, and sharing features
    2) Expertise, services, and bios
    3) Events
    4) Coupons & loyalty programs
    5) Newsletter sign-up
    6) Consult form
    7) Goals notepad tab
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