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    ****** Light version ******
    This is the "light" version of our paid app. This version is fully functional, except that it allows you to track for a maximum of 30 days. (Although you can just start over after that time.) This light version is ad-supported, which is why it needs Internet access.

    If you find the app useful, look for the paid version. Feel free to mail suggestions to improve the app.
    ****** Light version ******

    Are you someone who is not quite ready to quit smoking, but looking to smoke less? Smoke Less Save More is here to help.

    Smoke Less Save More shows you at a glance how much money you can save by buying less packs of cigarettes. To do this, it compares the money you spend on cigarettes with your average cigarette consumption.

    The application asks for the number of packs you smoke per day (on average), and the cost per pack. You can then select the number of days to track your expenses. This only needs to be done once. After the initial set up, you simply
    enter the number of packs bought, whenever you buy new packs. Smoke Less Save More will then tell you how much money you would save if you were to stop buying cigarettes right then. At the end of the time period set by you during setup, you will see if you managed to spend less.

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