Smoothie Pro

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    Smoothie Pro (previously known as Smoothie Rx) is a compilation of smoothie recipes that can cure or improve certain health conditions.

    Smoothie Pro currently contains over 700 recipes for over 125 different health conditions!

    With this app you can:
    -find recipes by:
    * the health condition they serve
    * ingredients (multi-ingredient search available)
    * recipe name
    -Filter recipes by:
    * nutritional information (calories, calories from fat, total fat, carbohydrates, fiber and protein)
    * unwanted ingredients
    -share recipes with others via facebook, email, text message or any other method available on your device.
    -save favorites for quick access
    -save recipes to compile a grocery list
    -manage and share your grocery list
    -learn about different health conditions and ingredients
    -use the app on Google Tv and other devices that do not have touchscreen navigation

    Share your opinion and ideas for future enhancements on the Smoothie Pro facebook page!

    Smoothie Pro is perfect for everyone! Whether you are looking to improve your health, lose weight, or seeking natural cures and remedies to a health condition, smoothies a wonderful solution!

    Smoothie Pro is also a great way to introduce variety into your family's diet. You will find yourself and your children enjoying fruits and vegetables that you wouldn't normally eat alone. Smoothies are fun, healthy and they get results!

    Hundreds of smoothie recipes available, including green smoothies, dessert smoothies, fruit smoothies, vegetable (vegetarian) smoothies and more! Try a raw, holistic, natural and organic solution to improve your health!

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