Snoreless - Less snoring

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    Snoreless - Less snoring

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    Application developed with RIFE frequency principles and acupuncture, that reduces the intensity and frequency of snoring.

    Snoring occurs when the soft tissues from the respiratory system relax at bedtime, it causes those tissues to vibrate when trying to breathe.

    The loudness and frequency of snoring may cause inconvenience to those who sleep with the person that snores, often leading to the separation of the couple.

    Another problem that is related to snoring is sleep apnea, which can cause you various health problems.

    This application was designed with early RIFE frequencies and principles of Acupuncture.

    Frequencies act in two ways:
    1. The combination of sound frequencies and the order of it stimulates the tissues involved, making it more resistant to vibration.
    2. Activate frequencies through acupuncture meridians involved at the time of sleep.

    • Reduce the intensity and frequency of snoring.
    • Stop bothering your partner and go back to sleep on their side.

    1. Set maximum phone volume.
    2. Insert headphones, if your headphones have volume control, set headphone's volume to minimum, if not the cut the cables. in this way, even when is not heard, the frequency is being transmitted by the cable that works as an antenna radiating sound energy.
    3. Preferably connect your mobile to the power charger to keep it charged.

    1. Drinking alcohol.
    2. Smoking.
    3. Eating flours.
    4. Eating chocolates.
    5. Eating spicy.
    6. Take relaxing pills.
    7. Sleeping on your back.
    8. Obesity.

    • Avena
    • Olive oil
    • Honey
    • Peppermint tea.
    • One teaspoon of baking soda in water before sleeping
    • Try sleeping on your side and left side preference

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