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    SOS Emergency "GPS BodyGuard"

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    This SOS App can save your life! *

    The free smartphone SOS App "GPS Bodyguard" with optional SOS button device for Android is currently the App with the most functions on market to send automatically SOS calls, SMS with GPS coordinates in case of emergency to your private emergency contacts or to a service.

    Android 4.4 (crash on some devices)
    Android 5.0 recommended!

    SOS emergency functions:

    · automatic/manual SMS/calls with GPS coordinates to your emergency contacts
    · Emergency info (contacts, diseases, medicine...) on lockscreen
    · Silent SOS from lockscreen
    · Sport-/activity-mode
    · Quick Panic-SMS from lockscreen and status bar
    · GPS-tracking by your emergency contacs
    · Fall-Detection / Car Crash (walkin, jogging, biking - special algotithm)
    · Response / reaction test (timer for medicine)
    · Panic alarm, 3 times press the power button (optional)
    · Panic alarm voice activation
    · Voice activation for panic alert
    · Deadman switch
    · Radius alarm (Anti-Kidnapping)
    · Battery alarm
    · Help map of near by POIs (hospitals, doctors, pharmacy, police,...)
    · Own SMS texts
    · Auto start on booting the device
    · Coordinates by WLAN or radio towers if GPS fails
    · Many custom options

    NEW: 15 special alarm sounds

    The App can help in different potential emergency situations (SOS) for young and old, such as: health problems, assault, travel, kidnap, sports, old age or blind dating. The commercial use, such as for security services or high-risk professions is possible.

    The SOS App provides a basic function with a panic alarm which is activated by triple clicking the power button. Optionally there is a reaction test available - if in a given time there is no feedback from the user, GPS Bodyguard automatically sends SMS. With the Anti-Kidnapping not only children are protected but also adults. The system sends SMS alarm automatically if you leave an action radius. Through the deadman function it is possible to constantly monitor the presence of the user by direct skin contact with the device. Also the battery level of your smartphone can trigger an alarm before the power is too weak because the device is not charged.

    There are many options, such as self-defined texts for different emergency situations or automatic App launch when the device is booting - so protection is available at all times.

    Security Information:
    · Protection against killing the App by Task-Manager & Task-Killer-Apps.
    · Saving the last known GPS position every 60 sec, saves power.
    · GSM Signal / GPS Signal warning optional
    · Works on devices "DeepSleep" Mode and can release the Keyguard and wakelock.

    * Attention !: This software is no „medicinal product“ according to §3 MPG. We do not guarantee the correct operation of the software or for the protection of your life

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