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    Never any silence in your mind? Are you troubled by inexplainable pain? With Soundness you will learn how to relax your body and your mind, through a combination of mindfulness, meditation and sound. Follow the voice of Ida Leonard, and experience how you can harmonize your inner self with a training of 5 minutes a day.

    If you are out of balance your body and mind no longer communicate at the same level. As a result you will feel restless. Soundness eases the mind and harmonizes the body. When you start making sounds that resonate within yourself, your body will produce happiness hormones. Stress will disappear and you will feel a benevolent peace of mind.

    Soundness is based on techniques used in meditation and mindfulness, but specifically uses the vibration of sound, like Nada Yoga. Those who suffer from chronic pains or tinnitus, will also benefit from this method.

    Listen to a sample on the website.