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    Stibah, together we can do it - kick your bad habits.

    Do you have a bad habit you want to quit? -Then this app might be the right for you.

    A friend of mine has been chewing nicotine chewing gum for several years. I really wanted to help him and very soon I found out that if he ever should be able to kick that habit he needed a tool to help him to do it – at that very moment Stibah was born.

    The usage of the app is rather simple – At the beginning the app analyses your habit. Every time you do your bad habit you just click on the button.

    After a while the button will change colour from neutral to green or red.

    If it is red, please wait until it gets green before you next time do your habit.

    If you are very good you will stay green throughout the whole period. And at the end you have managed to kick your bad habit.

    "Believe you can and you're half way there." ~Theodore Roosevelt

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