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    ** My worst habit used to be smoking but I quit. **

    Smoking is defined as the act of smelling or inhaling the smoke of a substance, mostly tobacco. There are many reasons for doing so, the most common being cultural reasons or peer pressure. Cigarettes, pipes and hookahs are the most popular methods of smoking and hence also the most injurious smoking elements for health.

    ** In this app you will you will find information on ** Stop Smoking ** and its importance in life. **

    ** Why to Stop Smoking ?

    ** Why Do We Smoke ?

    ** Harmful Health Effects of Smoking

    ** How to Quit Smoking

    ** Tips for parents of teen smokers

    ** Diseases Caused Due to Smoking

    ** Smoking Facts for Kids

    ** Herbal Cigarettes ..?

    ** Stop smoking aid how ?

    ** How to motivate a person to quit smoking (stop smoking motivation)

    **This app is a complete stop smoking tracker app that helps to create a proper awareness among people to quit the bad habit of smoking also that will be beneficial to you at every end.

    so why to wait GRAB it

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