StopTIMEOUT (AKA "Happy App")

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    StopTIMEOUT (AKA "Happy App")

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    Quickly Prevent your Child's Emotional Meltdowns

    •StopTIMEOUT prevents your child’s emotional meltdowns and promotes parent-child bonding

    •StopTIMEOUT’s underlying principles are based on 15 years of Mind-Body Medicine research and development (3 medical journal publications)

    •Easy and fun to use app works within minutes to settle down your child

    •Utilizes a special, vibratory neurological pathway that automatically shifts the brain into a calming mode, making time outs unnecessary

    •Unique, patent pending design, improves the parent child relationship

    How the app works and what it does-
    The StopTIMEOUT app initially takes about 5 minutes to use, and when you use it with your child it stops your child’s emotional meltdowns. When your child’s behavior starts to escalate, launching the app provides a 1-minute vibration and video which activates a special vibratory neurological pathway that immediately shifts the brain into a calming mode. Within minutes the child feels more settled and both of you are able to return to the activities of daily living.

    Because both you and your child use this app together a positive resonance takes place and meltdowns are prevented. This forms a basis for a healthy parent-child relationship.