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    Strength Training Videos, Exercises and Tips. This app will help you increase strength either via weight training or just with exercises.

    If you're like most guys in the gym, you have one of two problems: You either have no plan and "wing it" every workout, or you've read so many articles on training that you don't know what to trust, so you don't stick with any one program. Take a look at this new strength training app to help you get organised with your own plan.

    Download this app now and start following these workouts and weight training programs to help you build up your strength and improve your physique.

    There are many people out there who overlook the health benefits of bodybuilding. When you talk to most non-bodybuilders, they will say that those who practice this art are just steroid pumped jocks. But you can’t put a stereotype like that on a certain group of people. Bodybuilders are like any other sportsmen. They try their hardest to obtain the best performance in their sport. But even if you never end up on stage, the health benefits of bodybuilding are unquestionable.
    The Health Benefits of Bodybuilding

    The Health Benefits of Bodybuilding

    Bodybuilders are people who work out a lot. They exercise and exercise with the main purpose of creating bulk. One might say that there is no difference between them and professional footballers. But while bodybuilders work out to be bulkier, footballers train to gain speed, power and to hone their skills. Among other bodybuilding benefits, we should count a tremendously increased lung capacity, downright astonishing metabolisms and an incredible blood flow.

    Why bodybuilding builds more than just muscles

    A true bodybuilder needs to have a good work ethic. There are many who use steroids, but that is not the answer. Remember that a bodybuilder has a lot of body mass (about double the size of the average guy), but his heart is just like any other. So a bodybuilder’s heart needs to work a lot more just to keep the bodybuilder working.

    If a bodybuilder uses steroids, and we are mainly talking about anabolic steroids, their red blood cell count will go through the roof. This is one of the beneficial effects of steroids, but they also have the “ability” of creating incredible blood pressure spikes, which can lead to kidney disease and heart failure. One of the true benefits of bodybuilding is that it forces a sportsman to make the right decision.

    Health and bodybuilding are two different things, but they are intertwined. If a bodybuilder is responsible and wants to reap all the bodybuilding benefits, he will live a long and healthy life.

    Maintaining your health

    It is true that the health benefits of bodybuilding cannot be overlooked, but if you want to keep your health, your best weapon is your diet. As we have mentioned before, a bodybuilder’s heart is extremely busy. If you don’t eat the right foods, you are going to work that heart even harder, and it will eventually burn out. Stay away from saturated fats, fast foods, processed foods and fatty foods if you want to enjoy the bodybuilding benefits throughout a long and healthy life.

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