Stress - Declutter Your Life

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    Stress - Declutter Your Life

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    A relaxing hypnosis audio to help you focus on what's important and simplify your life

    Do you hang on to stuff you really don't need? Not just things that clutter up your personal or work spaces, do you clutter up your time with too much junk TV, surfing the net, or spending time with people who don't treat you well or waste your time?

    Limited resources

    There are three things that seem as if they are limitless and endless but aren't:

    Your time, (we all 'end' sooner or later)
    Your ability to extend your focus of attention (you try reading a book after surfing the web for hours looking at 'junk')
    Your energy.
    The fact is that extending your energy onto things that clutter up your mind is exhausting. And having to step around and even think about or try to tidy useless accumulated clutter wears you down.

    But why do you have clutter in your life?

    We all accumulate stuff we don't need. Sometimes we hang onto it merely though habit and sometimes the thought of letting go of the familiar feels scary. You can get to your goals quicker when you have less clutter and therefore more 'space' to focus on what you really need and want in your life.

    Think of a PC whose memory is all full up with useless files to the point where it's painfully slow and laborious to get the computer to carry out commands. If you are serious about having a good life then you need to think of what to 'leave out' as much as include. What material things have you clung on to that you just know you'll never use or need? How much satisfying, space will the de-cluttering of all that give you?

    Imagine your life stream-lined and clear with space around you and more time. When your home is decluttered so too is your mind. Instead of tripping up over your self all the time you'll be more effective, productive and fulfilled.

    Unload all that unnecessary weight that's dragging you down

    The Declutter your Life session will help you become motivated, even compelled, to rid your self of all the unnecessary things that have been wasting space. It will also encourage you to streamline your life from habits and activities that sap your wasteful sap your energy and focus.

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