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StressLocator with oximeter

    DOWNLOAD  $158.97



    When you pay for this application we will send you blue-tooth oximeter. Delivery time is 4-14 days. You can write to us email when you have any special requirements about post address and other. FREE SHIPPING.

    StressLocator estimates your mental and physical condition via blue-tooth oximeter or phone camera. Measures and evaluates pulse waves and blood oxygenation. You get results within two minutes with evaluation and tips of what you are currently ready for. Ideal for planning your activities. In case you need to concentrate you can try another function. Biofeedback with breathing exercise helps you to reach concentrated or relaxed state. You have an immediate check of your progress. Quick results, easy to use, affordable.

    Especially with blue-tooth oximeter sensor you get very precise results. In case you are an expert in the measured data, you can switch from easy view to expert view and study your results in detail. You can share your biostatus on facebook, g+ and other or anonymously share your results on global map and compare the level of stress in different parts of the world or your country.