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    Stress Releaser Lite is demo version for Stress Releaser.Stress Releaser is first biofeedback Android application that helps guide you through for calm and relaxing meditation with a biofeedback point system. It can low your blood pressure. The biofeedback HRV wave will help remind you of the relaxation level of your breathing practice. This app was designed to be not only simple and easy to use but also effective for use in modern life. You are able to set up your own breath pace and practice timer which eliminates any worry of missing an appointment or any other obligation you may have. This app has the exact same functionalities as other biofeedback devices which have been demonstrated effective for relaxation therapy. However, with melody in addition to visual aids, this biofeedback app allows you to relax further and be able to note your relax level. No special attachment or hardware is needed for this biofeedback app. Clinical trials have shown that slow, deep breathing can bring down your high blood pressure to 14/8 mmHg points within couple weeks practice. Stress Releaser now gives everyone a chance to practice without pay enormous sums of money for those expensive, hardware devices.
    Purpose of App:
    1) Lower your high blood pressure.
    2) Help with insomnia and aid with better sleep.
    3) Reduce your daily stress and make you calmer and your life more peaceful
    4) Help relieve your stress and depression.
    5) Make you more focus for your study and work.
    6) Useful in managing headaches and migraines.
    7) Slow, deep breathes can also help with pain management.
    8) Help you with better mediation.
    How to use it:
    1) First time users should go through 15 minutes training session to find the most comfortable breathe pace. Cover your back camera lens with your finger completely. You don’t have to cover your LED but should make sure the light is strong enough to help camera to read your pulse.
    2) After you know the most comfortable breathe pace, go to settings and set the breath pace to your comfortable level. Also you can set practice timer for your practice session.
    3) Use your finger to fully cover phone’s back camera lens. Make sure LED is lighting your finger from side as closer as possible. The detected heart rate should be pretty constant. If you see your heart rate changes too high or too low, you probably didn’t fully cover lens with your finger. If your finger feels too hot, you can use small plastic glass glue to back of your phone to cover your lens and LED.
    4) Remember the whole purpose of the practice of deep slow breathing is to achieve coherence with your nerve system through your smooth breath with concentration. Usually it takes a couple minutes to adjust your breath to get to the calm stage.
    5) The suggested practice time is two, fifteen minutes session a day to achieve around 200 points. The ideal breath pace is from 5 to 6 breath per minutes to achieve coherence. If you follow the recommended practice time, you should feel and see results after six weeks of practice. Use your breath practice in your daily live.
    6) This is not medical device. You needs consult your doctor to change dose or stop your medication if you see your high blood pressure dropping.
    Phone requirements:
    The Android phone has to be Galaxy II equivalent or up. The pulse detection is heavily reliant on the camera’s speed and phone’s process power. The application on the App Store for the iPhone is coming soon.

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