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    Exercise | Healthy food | Healthy lifestyle | Keep fit | Overcoming hard times (stress fighter) | Cease smoking | Weight loss

    Did you notice that from the moment you bought a brand new car you can see the same model all around? It's simple. If your mind is concentrated on something, it is more aware of the same things around you. The similar mechanism works if you want to change your life and thanks to this application, you can keep your mind being concentrated on ceasing smoking, losing weight, keeping healthy lifestyle, etc. and so it will not let you live your life bad way!

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    How does it work?
    Download and install the application. You can change settings according to your preferences. The application will be running in the background and from time to time it will show up a short subliminal message with a high impact on your mind. You may notice it or not but your mind will. Be patient, it will need some time to transform your mind, so it will keep your life healthy. Do not lose faith, stay positive and go for better life!

    LATEST UPDATE: We have completely rewrote code for showing messages! FINALLY, you can change message duration and font size! 

    - topics: Exercise, Healthy food, Healthy lifestyle, Keep fit, Overcoming hard times (stress fighter), Cease smoking, Weight loss
    - you can create your own messages via
    - does not disturb or bother
    - works anywhere - in apps, games, etc.
    - more than 1.000 subliminal messages with high impact
    - colored boxes fit every mood and situation
    - tested with psychologists
    - results in less than 2 months of only using your phone
    - works across all phones and tablets
    - you can change message duration
    - you can change font size

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    "I love this. This application remind me that I do not want to eat what I used to. I feel much better!" [Sharon, Beta testing]