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    Published: 2013-12-09, by Peter Warrior.

    An ambiance creator

    • Awesome UI
    • Many and creative uses
    • It can be endlessly tested for free, no ads
    • Overall, no complaints
    • May we ask for some color effects?

    "Chill out and take it easy"

    TaoMix by deMute is one of those simple apps that make you realize how much we like to be given things already done, but at the same time how much we love to toy with our little stuff. In short, TaoMix is a soundboard with mixing options where sounds come from nature in order to create relaxing (or not so relaxing at all, mix thunders with frogs and you'll have an unexpected growing angst) ambiances. There are multiple uses, from working as a soundtrack for Yoga, Tai Chi or whatever lessons; creating an "organic" mood at home or elsewhere; or even to create sound effects in your Friday night RPG sessions or for your local amateur theater group.

    Anyway, the most important feature is how mixes are done, thanks to a intuitive and playful user interface that allows to play with intensity and distance of the sounds in a very illustrative way, similar to a Reactable, roughly speaking. This way, the process of creating the so-called ambiances (atmospheres) becomes a game and a seeking as well, serving as a sort of "inner world mirror", "peace of mind trip", you name it.

    That interface, along its playful and insightful nature, makes of this app something it'll surprise anyone who downloads it and spends two minutes in it. It's also one of those apps you'd like to have installed, just in case muses unexpectedly show up.

    It can be downloaded and played with for free, no ads, though you have to unlock the full version to get access to all available and yet to come sounds, plus other essential features. Give it a go. Recommended.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Dec 09, 2013


    We released TaoMix 2, that includes many new sounds and features. You may want to check it out!

    Let yourself be carried away by your own relaxing ambience which can evolve randomly and at your own speed!

    TaoMix features an intuitive interface, a neat and minimalist design and the unique possibility of creating an ambience which can be different every time. The full version lets you choose between more than 55 high quality sounds. Most of them have been recorded or created by ourselves.

    Whether you are looking for the perfect ambience for your relaxation and meditation sessions, to practice yoga, enhance your concentration or simply because you love the sound of nature, TaoMix is made for you.

    Thanks for all your very positive feedback. It’s great to hear from you, and means a lot to us.
    Download TaoMix now and enjoy relaxing sounds for meditation in a unique way!

    "It almost makes you feel like a God controlling the weather." - AppReview Central
    "TaoMix is a beautiful app that is well worth checking out if you like yoga, meditation, or just need some chill sounds to lower your stress levels at work." - Tapscape
    "TaoMix is a new delightful addition to the App Store." - The Smartphone App Review
    "It's truly made a positive difference in my life & I'm very grateful." A user

    - Easily create your own unique and relaxing ambience.
    - Your ambiences can evolve randomly in time, which allows them to be different every time.
    - Intuitive and easy to use interface.
    - Neat and minimalist design.
    - High quality sounds to mix.
    - Use the timer to fall asleep to your self-evolving ambience.
    - Save and retrieve your creations: very simple to use before you go to sleep or when you begin your meditation or relaxation session!
    - Simultaneously use your device while your relaxing ambience plays in the background: you can listen to your own ambience or use another music application at the same time!
    - More high quality sounds to come in the next updates, so send your suggestions!
    - Perfect for your relaxation and meditation sessions, yoga practices or even read and write books!

    Free version of TaoMix:
    - Get access to a part of the sounds, that allows a great number of combinations.
    - Mix up to 3 relaxing sounds together.
    - No ads, no time limit!

    Full version of TaoMix:
    - Enjoy all sounds, in all categories.
    - Automatically unlocks all sounds that will be added in the future updates.
    - Build more complete ambiences: mix up to 10 relaxing sounds together.
    - Support TaoMix

    - Read phone state: allows the app to pause sound during phone calls.
    - Billing : the full version of TaoMix can be purchased from within the application, using Google’s in-app billing system.
    - Vibration : the device will vibrate when some actions are performed.
    - Network state : check if the device is connected to the internet. Required to display a warning message when trying to do an action that requires an internet connection but the device is not connected (entering a promo code or purchasing the full version).
    - Internet access : internet access is needed to check the promo codes validity.
    - Read and write on external storage : TaoMix lets you save and load your ambiences. These ambiences are stored in a database on your device or SD Card, along with your preferences.

    For any question, suggestion, comment, or if in spite of the care with which TaoMix has been developed, you meet any technical problem, please contact us at :

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