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    Our application TATTVIC CLOCK is always with you, in every place on earth and at any time. With pinpoint accuracy you will see that energy Tattva just affects you. Using it is easy, as commonly used time on the clock.

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    We wish you a life-changing principle of good health, happiness and wellbeing.

    Tattva are fine, in the cosmic infinity flowing forces. Our ancestors noticed that the earth turns five kinds of cosmic forces, the winds or tattvas. The word "Tattva" means in Sanskrit (old Indo-árijština) - true essence of the reality of all phenomena. Each of these energies has its own specific characteristics, which acts on nature, animals and humans. They have a major impact on health, nutrition and eating are important to everyday human decisions, maintain spiritual health of personality, and are indispensable for the treatment and speedy recovery. Through tatev, life becomes fuller and more people are master of your fate.

    There are five tattvas that regularly alternate in two-hour cycle. This means that the duration of one Tattva is 24 minutes. Each Tattva has a different color, shape and other properties. The "breath" always starts with sunrise. The first stream Tattva Akasa, followed by Vayu, Tejas and Prithivi full circle Apas. The next period starts again Akasa, ie every two hours Tattva reiterate.

    The first two Akasa and Vayu Tattva are not favorable, TEJAS is neutral and the last two, Prithivi and APAS are Tattva favorable. If we want to live a meaningful life, integrity and happily, we have for each activity to choose the right moment and favorable Tattva.

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