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    Search for the treasure inside your house or around the city

    • Interesting concept
    • Play alone or with friends
    • Outside or inside
    • At first it might seem hard

    "Find the Treasure in Real Life"

    Embark the adventure, welcome to Temple Treasure Hunt Game and forget about typical mobile games.

    This game presents Shiva Temple, a place where you'll need to find the treasure, which is hidden somewhere. Use the interactive map and follow all the clues with this geo-location game for making real life a bit more thrilling.

    Choose your preferred game mode based on the location and number of players and enter the trail details and time limit to customize the game to your taste. You will be able to create a treasure trail or explore one, whatever fits you best.

    ThoughtShastra Solutions is the developer of Temple Treasure Hunt Game, a game which is rather innovative and creative. Play alone or with friends and create challenging trails for them.

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    Nov 06, 2013


    "Use the interactive map and follow all the clues with this geo-location game for making real life a bit more thrilling."
    "ThoughtShastra Solutions is the developer of Temple Treasure Hunt Game, a game which is rather innovative and creative."
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    I. Game Overview
    Are you bored of the memory, puzzle, block, and racing games?

    If yes then embark on your adventurous journey to explore Treasure Trails leading to the ancient Treasure buried in the Shiva Temple. Temple Treasure is an addictive, thrilling, exciting and one of the best android game with new game play. This awesome game utilizes cutting-edge Augmented Reality and Location Based Tracking technologies. Be ready for a whole new mobile gaming experience. Have fun playing alone by auto creating treasure trails or enjoy playing in a group by sharing trails with your friends. If you or your kids find it difficult to get out of the couch this game is for you!

    1. As a Treasure Protector have fun creating Treasure Trails using Interactive Map (Outdoor Mode) or by placing Markers (Indoor Mode) and challenge the hunters
    2. As a Treasure Hunter take up the challenge and enjoy exploring Treasure Trails by locating Treasure Guardians and in given time limit
    3. See mysterious and cool Indian mythological characters come alive as Treasure Guardians
    4. Share or receive trails using Network or Bluetooth modes

    II. Game Pre-requisite (only if you are playing Indoor Mode)
    Download and print marker file from the link below:

    III. How to Play?
    1. Creating Treasure Trail:
    a. Choose "Treasure Protector" player role
    b. If in Outdoor mode use the Interactive Map to place treasure guardians at various locations
    c. If in Indoor mode place the physical paper markers at treasure guardian locations

    2. Exploring Treasure Trail
    a. Choose "Treasure Hunter" player role
    b. Use the Interactive Map to check out location of next treasure guardian. Keep a track of your current location marker to verify if you are moving in right direction.
    c. You can also tap on the treasure guardian icon to get a clue. Once at the right location scan the physical marker (Indoor Mode) or your surrounding (Outdoor Mode) to find the treasure guardian.
    d. Tap on the guardian to proceed. Find all guardians to win.

    IV. Tips and Tricks:
    1. Use the right top button on the interactive map to pan out the view
    2. Skip Treasure Guardians that are located at unreachable locations in outdoor mode by clicking "Not Reachable" button
    3. Group with single device - You can use the same device to create and explore treasure trail
    4. Group with multiple devices - Treasure Protector can share the trail with other devices using "Share" menu option

    V. Special Notes:
    1. The game involves physical activity (the Treasure Hunters need to move around to explore trails)
    2. For Indoor Mode you will need physical paper markers
    3. The game uses your location information solely for the purpose of game play. The location information is not transmitted or stored on any of the backend server or database.

    VI. Link to EULA:

    VII. Game Credits:

    Explore the fun - Let the hunt begin! Adventure, Excitement, and Fun are guaranteed!

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