tFR.n - v3




    What the heck is (tFR.n(?

    tFR.n is a social forum in which nutrition, exercise, and even societal issues are openly and respectfully discussed and debated. People share recipes, workouts, pics, thoughts, and Journals or Challenges which are like your own health/nutrition/exercise blogs that take place on a public forum.

    tFR.n is an ideologue-free zone. We are a group of individuals united by a zest for personal improvement. We are a community of many, not of one.

    tFR.n is a social sharing site catered to alternative-minded, free-radical-types, many of whom have are devoted to healthy food and/or exercise. If you don't have an account, this app allows you to easily join up, then you can use the app to conveniently browse and post at the site.

    This app also has native support as an RSS health news reader (similar to Feedly, gReader, etc, but specifically for health news). Simply choose NEWSREADER from the app's menu and Bob's your uncle. No setup, no fuss. See the screenshots for an example.


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