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    The Beauty Tips Ebook - Best Tips ,Information and Facts. This knowledge base ebook contains important tips and information about The Beauty Tips Summary of this Free Ebook : Tips 1-10, Tips 11-20, Tips 21-30, Tips 31-40, Tips 41-50, Tips 51-60, Tips 61-70, Tips 71-80, Tips 81-90, Tips 91-101 1. No more refined foods - One of the best ways to stay as beautiful as ever is to avoid eating refined or highly processed foods. Such types of foods can rub you off important nutrients that are needed by your body, and that could make your skin look dull. Aside from that, they can also get you constipated. 2. Raw food is better - Eating ... 11. Drink milk each day - Drinking milk is one of the best things that you can do in order to maintain your beauty. When you drink milk each day, you would be providing your body with the essential nutrients to strengthen your hair and bones. Aside from that, it can also make your skin look younger, enhance your health and the looks of your eyes. ... 21. Be conscious of your weight - One of the many things that can affect your beauty is your weight. Thus, it is best that you keep a close watch to it. Whether you gain or lose too much of it, you would start to have problems in properly fitting your clothes. Thus, it is best to maintain your weight at an ideal level, so that you would look fit an... 31. Change your beauty routine for summer and spring - Being beautiful means that you are wearing the right types of clothing for the right season. Therefore, you have to become more familiar of the clothing trends for different seasons. Aside from that, unlike summer, during the spring season, your skin needs less coverage; thus, it is best to wea... 41. Learn how to make your curls last longer - If you like to curl up your hair from time to time with the use of a curling iron, you probably want it to last longer. To achieve that, make sure that your hair is already dry when you are about to start the process. Don’t use the curling iron for too long though, since it can dry out your hair. ... 51. Keep your makeup at minimum levels during the summer months - During the summer months, although it is best to put more coverage on your skin, it is still best to keep it at minimal levels. Doing it that way would ensure that your skin won’t get irritated easily. Aside from that, it would also enhance your looks, when it is sunny outside. ... 61. What to do after using a hair conditioning mask - When you make use of a hair conditioning mask, it can actually open up the hair cuticles. To make sure that your hair cuticles are closed after using the said mask, all you need to do is to apply a cold water rinse. Cold water can actually close your skin pores, as well as the hair cuticles. ... 71. How to properly remove blackheads - Blackheads are unsightly, which is why it is a good idea to get rid of them. You need to make sure though that you are doing it properly, with the use of nose strips. Pinching it, or squeezing your skin to remove the blackheads, would just irritate that part of your face, which can make it appear red, or caus... 81. Do not shampoo your hair for more than once in a day - Some people think that the more they clean their hair, the better it is, which is why they shampoo for more than once in a day. This is actually not a good practice, since it can dry out your hair and your scalp. When that happens, your hair would look dull, and it might even trigger dandru... 91. Highlight the color of your eyes by wearing the right color of shirts - Don’t forget that you can also consider your eyes as a factor, when it comes to choosing the color you want to wear. For example, if you have blue eyes, then wearing something blue, may it be your shirt, pants, or socks, would surely highlight them. 92. If you want...

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