The Fun of Getting Thin

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    The Fun of Getting Thin

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    Discover How To Be Happy and Reduce the Waist Line!

    A humorous, but practical approach to losing weight.

    Through teasing, jokes and anecdotes, the author talks about simple and effective ways to reduce fat.

    The author does not seek to profound new theories about weight loss neither does he suggest some medication or remedies for combating obesity.

    He explains the various steps he took to lose weight that anyone can copy.

    He also believes that any one serious about losing weight can also put them into practice and achieve the great results.

    Excerpt from the book...

    A fat man is a joke; and a fat woman is two jokes--one on herself and the other on her husband.

    Half the comedy in the world is predicated on the paunch. At that, the human race is divided into but two classes--fat people who are trying to get thin and thin people who are trying to get fat.

    Fat, the doctors say, is fatal. I move to amend by striking out the last two letters of the indictment. Fat is fat. It isn't any more fatal to be reasonably fat than to be reasonably thin, but it's a darned sight more uncomfortable.