The Oracle




    If you're stuck in an affair are unsure and a council looking for, then take a look into the crystal ball of the oracle.

    How it works :

    1. Start the Oracle App.

    2. Formulate your question so that it can clearly be answered with YES or NO.

    So for example:

    Should I apply for a new job ?
    Is it good for me this trip to take?

    Or ... ...

    If in this situation, a clear rejection make sense?

    3. Place your question and stroke in a clockwise direction on the crystal ball. Here you can express the question out loud or too quiet. Just as it gets along best at this moment for you.

    4. If you have expressed your question , still linger a second or two on the crystal ball and take the / the finger (or thumb) from the screen - your notice will appear instantly.

    You can repeat this process , of course, as desired . We recommend , however, first to ask a question to read the answer and take in this once (maybe a few minutes) and check whether it meets your concerns.

    NOTE !
    This app do not claim to be able to give an adequate or appropriately tailored to your question answer. The answers will be chosen at random and do not necessarily fit to your question asked . Rather, you should - The oracle - in the best case to " think about it " move . Of course it is your choice to get you in decision-making through this app support.

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