Tokaido 53 (Journey to Kyoto)

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    'Tokaido 53 (Journey to Kyoto)' is a exercise-support application. You can take a journey from Edo to Kyoto on 'Tokaido' according to the distance that you walk or run for. The distance between Edo and Kyoto is about 500 km (300 miles). 'Tokaido' was the important road linked Edo and Kyoto and a lot of people traveled in the Edo period. It is said that people in those days took about 2 weeks to travel from Edo to Kyoto. There were 53 station towns in Tokaido, and the Japanese famous painter, Ando Hiroshige, painted 55 pieces of Tokaido(Nihonbashi in Edo,Sanjo-Ohashi in Kyoto and 53 station towns). You can see his picture of the station town, when you arrive at the station town. And also, You can enjoy '36 sceneries of Mt. Fuji' painted by another famous painter, Katsushika Hokusai.
    And this app can record the path that you walk or run on by using Google Map and GPS. You can see the current position on Tokaido on Google Map,too. You can see your trail using Google earth.

    Pedometer function is added newly.Let's exercise enjoying the virtual Tokaido journey to Kyoto.
    This sample version has a restriction of data(20 records) and the goal is Odawara town(85.6km). Please try this sample version, Tokaido 53S.

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