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Tom Nicoli Not Another Diet

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    The Tom Nicoli "Not Another Diet" Weight Loss Program is not a diet.

    It's a way to lose weight naturally by changing the way you think and feel about food. All you have to do is sit comfortably undisturbed for only 25 minutes a day with a pair of headphones on and drift off to a deep relaxation and do nothing.

    That's it! Let your subconscious do all the work and you'll see how remarkably your behavior towards food and dieting changes automatically. And you'll accomplish this all without self-help meetings to attend or taking pills or trying that new "fad" diet. Includes all 6 Audios:
    Healthy Habits for Weight Loss
    End Emotional Eating
    Stop Night Time Snacking
    Reduce Sugar-Sweets
    Exercise Boost
    Ocean Sounds Relaxation

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