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    With the cost of health care on the rise, it is important to stay on top of taking the medications prescribed by your doctor. No matter if the medicine is for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pain management or substance abuse treatment, Track My Rx has you covered. To help you be proactive with your (or your family’s) healthcare, Track My Rx provides a journal so you can monitor health treatments and easily share that information with your healthcare provider. Concerned about exceeding your maximum daily dosage? Track My Rx prompts you before that can happen. Track My Rx allows you to setup refill reminders. If you take certain medications only on specific days, Track My Rx gives you the ability to choose a schedule. Do you need to take several medications at once? Then create a medication group (blister pack) and record all medications with a single click or tap. To avoid confusion, provide your own image for each medication or medication group. Easily share or export your medication log, journal entries, medications and medication groups for doctor’s visits. And finally Track My Rx is available in 21 languages.

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