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    America's #1 Treadmill maintenance app!

    This app contains tips and the instructions that SHOULD have been included in your treadmills owners manual!

    Gleaned over 40 years of servicing and repairing treadmills of EVERY TYPE, BRAND AND STYLE, INCLUDING RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL.

    Written by a real treadmill repairman combining the total knowledge and experience of multiple techs, this app will help you avoid common pitfalls that lead to malfunctions, and explain in simple laymans terms, how to perform simple adjustments that anyone who can work a rag or turn a doorknob can do. (My Grandma used this app with no explanation whatsoever)

    What's the best way to save money on repairs? Avoid having breakdowns by downloading this app!

    So many times I've gone to repair treadmills and had to tell people that if they had only done such and such, and not done other things to their treadmill, it would cost much less to repair.

    So that's what this app does, tell you all those things that;

    a) No one knows- tips and easy things you can do to keep your treadmill running at peak efficiency, do simple maintenance yourself, what NOT to do, (VERY important) when to have it serviced based on use, type, environment, etc.

    b) No one tells you- because they want your treadmill to
    break so they can make money repairing it or selling you a new one.

    You can also use the app to ask questions, get additional help and information, explanations, buy walk belt lubricant, tools, and parts for your treadmill at discounted prices.
    Our pro app will also help you DIAGNOSE AND REPAIR simple to intermediate skill level problems, calibrate and adjust it as your treadmill ages, and much much more!

    It will save you HUNDREDS OF $$$$!!!

    The Pro app will entitle you to lifetime updates (I found out just how much knowledge I had about treadmills- A LOT- when I started trying to write it all down, so updates with lots more info will be coming at a fast clip- (starting in approximately Feb 2012) CURRENTLY 1000 PAGES OF DATA AND GROWING DAILY) and will save you hundreds of dollars versus having to have a repairman come to service or repair it, not to mention the disruption in your regular exercise routine, and the impact on your health. Guaranteed to cost less than a doctor visit.

    Please bear in mind, it was written by a non-programmer, and so it's not super pretty or polished yet, but the info in it is priceless, and you won't find it anywhere else. It should work fine on your phone, but I was working hard to beat the end of the year deadline of the sunsetting of Google's GUI programming server, so the publishing criteria were;

    Functionality, and Usability for novices and non-techies.
    The Pro app is a real diagnostic app, that takes you step by step through testing your treadmill, not some PDF that just tells you "do this" and then leaves you wondering exactly how to perform the repair.

    I have a tendency to OVER-explain, and the instructions and illustrations in the app reflect this.

    Please be aware that because using the "back" button will kick you out of the app. This is a limitation set by Google's appinventorbeta, is scheduled to be fixed within a month or so, and is not a bug, so please bear that in mind when using it, and when rating it.
    This app is free. Use it in good health!
    Also, most of it will install to your SD card, so its total footprint on your phones memory will be a tiny 7-8 KILOBYTES (about 1% of 1mb)
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