This application has been made to the concept to make it easier for you to find whether there is effect you want to improve their symptoms and how to stimulate the TSUBOs(Acupuncture Points) and Reflex Areas(Reflexology).

    By stimulating the TSUBOs(Acupuncture Points) and Reflex Areas(Reflexology) suitable for the purposes of your own symptoms and enhance the natural healing power, please help in prevention and health maintenance.

    Blood veins and nerves spread widely within the human body, and in both Reflexology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is considered that there is a natural flow of energy within the body,

    The main concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the flow of energy called “KEIRAKU”(Meridian), and the important “KEIRAKU”(Meridian) points are called TSUBO(Acupuncture Point). The characteristics of TSUBO(Acupuncture Point) is the narrow range that is has.

    On the other hand, in reflexology, the location of reflex areas in the hand and leg are determined by the 10 flows of energy running vertically within the body. These reflex areas are concentrated in certain parts of the body such as the hand and leg. Compared to TSUBO(Acupuncture Point), Reflex areas have a relatively wide range.

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