■Main Functionality■
    -Counter shows your amount of time as a non-smoker
    -Displays the improvement in your skin age due to not smoking
    -Counter for the amount of Vitamin C loss prevented due to not smoking
    -Supports posting tweets while you have given up smoking
    -Supports mutual encouragement through the use of a non-smoker hashtag
    -Supports posting tweets when you have failed in your attempt to quit smoking

    ■A mysterious rose will become more youthful along with the time that you have been a non-smoker■

    This application displays a mysterious rose. The rose will become more and more youthful as long as you remain a non-smoker. Will you be able to see this rose in its most beautiful state?

    ■Encourage each other using Twitter and quit smoking■

    You can also learn about the methods that other people are using to quit smoking.
    “How’s that ‘electronic cigarette that actually emits smoke’ that everyone is talking about recently?”
    “Can you really quit smoking by seeing a doctor?”
    “What do you do when you really want to smoke and can’t help it?” ... The answers to the questions that come to mind when you have given up smoking may be waiting for you. There are many other people here who have quit smoking all connected via Twitter.
    You can do your best when someone is rooting for you. People who have quit smoking understand best how tough it can be to quit.
    This is why you should send a Tweet here when times are tough. Surely someone will send you an encouraging reply. You can also send an encouraging shout out to someone else’s SOS call for help.

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