Ultimate Travel Workout

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    Does it seem like you are constantly on the go?  Traveling for work?  Traveling for a holiday?  Then this program is for you!  Becky specifically tailored this 4 week fitness program for those clients who are traveling and do not have access to workout facilities.  Maybe you are a fitness enthusiast the needs a change!  Then this program is for you!  Body sculpting, fat blasting with the use of no equipment other than Resistance Bands! This training regimine is sure to have your heart pumping and body transforming in no tiime! Included with your bundle package are 3 MP3 Downloadable workouts (Resistance Bands/Travel Workout, Tabata Blast and Cardio Interval Running Challenge), a Basic Training Program guide - providing you with 4 weeks of programing / instructions on what workouts to do on which days, nutrition protocol and other useful information to ensure you get the MOST out of your workouts with Becky.

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