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    Universal Meditation Provides
    - Provides Meditation Training
    - Synchronized Global Meditation Platform
    With Meditation you can increase your spiritual awareness, help to promote mindfulness, increase brain plasticity, and create global connectedness. Simply create a FREE account at:
    and start using the App.

    Guided Meditation For Beginners
    Use the Guided Meditation feature to perform yoga nidra. In either 7 or 12 minute sessions, a soothing voice helps you move your mental focus over your body. With regular use, this meditation exercise will increase your daily mindfulness. Yoga nidra has also been documented to improve menstrual problems, help manage diabetes treatment, and improve PTSD symptoms.

    Mantra Meditation
    The Universal Meditation app contains a large number of pre-recorded Mantras. You can chose from beginner, intermediate or advanced, depending on how well you can do the mantra. Listen to mantras to hear the proper pronunciation for each one. The more difficult the level, the faster the pace of the mantra and more repetitions that are said.

    Global Synchronized Mediation Platform
    Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the Universal Meditation app is the, See & Do Together feature. You can access this by pressing the Saagara logo on the home menu.

    With See & Do Together you can create synchronized meditation events, where you can meditate in unison with any number of others across the globe. Create a private party for you and some friends, or create a public event where you can invite hundreds or thousands of others to join and meditate with you in Unison.

    Log to Record Progress
    Once your meditation session is complete, you’ll be asked how attentive you were in your meditation session as well notes you may wish to make. This information will be recorded in your log in a clear graphical manner.

    Use Pre-recorded Mantras or Create Custom Affirmations or Mantras
    The App contains many pre-recorded mantras such Aum, Hare Krishna, Om Mani Padme Hum etc. You also have the ability to create custom Affirmations/Mantras.

    Universal Meditation is available for iPhone/iPad, Android, Nook, PC and Mac. No matter what devices your friends have, they will be able to join you in synchronized meditation.

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