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    Unplugging Made Simple

    Use the new Unplug and Reconnect™ App to schedule tech-free time for yourself and/or to share with family & friends. It "silences" your phone for a predetermined period and lets others know that you're temporarily unplugging from the virtual world and reconnecting with real life. Once your TechBreak™ time is over, the app automatically restores your phone to its prior settings.

    With our new, free app, you can:

    * Schedule unplugging time in advance. At the scheduled time, your Smartphone will switch to silent, vibrate, call reject, or airplane mode, depending on your selection.
    * Generate an automatic SMS text message when your phone is in "call reject" mode – such as "currently having me time" – so anyone calling your phone will know you’re taking a break from technology.
    * Automatically post status updates to Facebook and Twitter, should you choose to tell your friends how you’re spending your unplugging time and the duration of the break.
    * Stop worrying about forgetting to reset your phone to ring mode after unplugging time is over – the app automatically does it for you.
    * Get instant reminders of upcoming tech breaks that you have scheduled.
    * This app is free of charge and free of advertising

    Unplug & Reconnect™, a U&R™ Experience, was created in response to our current state of digital overload and to rising concerns that the more connected we are technologically, the more we find ourselves isolated and removed from family, friends and even our inner selves.

    Visit for more information.

    We have put a lot of effort into developing a useful app, and testing it on all possible devices. If you discover something that does not work for you, please contact us for support at before posting a review.

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