Vegetarian and Vegan Diet




    Gets vegetarian and vegan diet for more health and energy through the careful combination of ingredients made ​​by us in each of the recipes you will cook.

    Our app features
    *Different types of recipes
    This app has many recipes which meet the tastes and needs of each user
    *Control of the nutritional properties
    Each recipe contains a lot of data regarding its nutritional properties. This allows the user more have control of vitamins, fats, calories and other features when cooking
    *Search engine
    This app allows users to search by recipes,ingredients, rating and name and also allows to add favorite recipes for these are taken into account in the future.
    *Facebook Connection
    With this app you can share with your friends via facebook that recipe that you like, while you're cooking

    * Enjoy this free app right now!!!

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    Supports all screen sizes!!

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